5 Ways To Help The Environment While You Shop

Nature is the best healer after all.

Climate change is an undeniable phenomenon that is leading the mother earth towards devastation. In Feb-2020, 49% of Americans claimed to witness warmer temperatures in their region. Further, the sea ice extent in the Northern hemisphere reduced to 11.95 million square kilometers by the end of Dec-2019.

The Anthropogenic activities on the face of Earth account for all of this horrific change in the global climate. To stop this menace, one must adopt eco-friendly solutions to survive. This blog will let you know about 5 of the most eco-friendly ways to safeguard the environment.


1. Carry Reusable Bags

In 2018, 359 million metric tons were produced, out of which 61.8% were produced by Europe only. Almost all of the plastic produced in the world is used, which is dumped into rivers and oceans. According to various reports, by the mid of this century, there will be more plastic in oceans than fishes. If not stopped, plastic pollution can lead the world to a severe catastrophe. 

Demerits Of Plastic Bags And Way Forwards

A percentage of plastic produced every year is reserved for manufacturing single used plastic bags. It is one of the most common factors for plastic wastage as shopping bags are useless to store at home. Thus, it will only take a reusable shopping bag to save the environment. This small step can do wonders if performed with unity.

As per a Danish study published in 2018, a paper bag can be reused 43 times, and shockingly the research suggests that cotton shopping bags are suitable to be used for as much as 7100 times. All in all, to save the ecology for a better future, one will have to invest in sustainable shopping by getting reusable or paper shopping bags.


2. Shop With Family To Help Environment

8,000+ Trees Planted to Date

The Earth is witnessing its worst phase of climate change and global warming. The reason behind it is nothing but increased carbon footprints. The world population is growing at a drastic pace, and so is the need for vehicles. The amount of carbon dioxide released by an average passenger vehicle is 4.6 metric tons.

How Shopping With Family reduces Carbon Prints?

Ergo, if you want to save the environment while you shop, then what you need to do is reduce the carbon prints while shopping. The best possible way to perform this essential duty is by shopping in a group or shopping only when it is necessary. Avoiding irregular shopping patterns will increase carbon prints, resulting in jeopardizing the ecology. In short, to save the environment while shopping, you need to follow the above procedures.


3. Recycled Products: A Tool To Save Environment

One of the most important tricks to save the environment is by shopping for recycled products. In this evolving world, there exist many products that are made out of recycled products, but never receive the appreciation they deserve. According to a report of LessIsMore, 1 ton of recycled plastic saves 16.3 barrels of oil. The same amount of recycled office paper saves 17 trees, 463 gallons of oil, and 7,000 gallons of water.

Why Get Recycled Products?

Betting on recycled products is one of the best things you can do to save on environmental degradation. Recycled products consume less raw material than new ones. Thus, it reduces the rate of deforestation. Along with it, recycled products reduce the number of waste products on the face of mother earth. Furthermore, recycled products reduce energy consumption hence avoiding industries to emit fewer Greenhouse Gases. 

All in all, recycled products reduce waste material, provides strength to the environment, and help the world community to stand firm with the Thirteenth point Climate Action Agenda 2030 or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) given by UNO.


4. Shop Fresh And Boost Ecological Growth

Getting canned products has become the new trend of this emerging society. This trend may save your time and may also look cool, but for the environment, getting canned products is as bad as a dry river for fishes. Canned products are one of the main factors to help industries jeopardize the ecological system. 

How Canned Products Affect Environment?

The processing of food, the energy consumed by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, the consumption of raw material, and the enhanced waste material leaves no stone unturned to devastate the environment. Thus, it is not going to be a great thought to bet on canned products. So, to normalize the abysmal condition of the environment, it has become inevitable for every sane person to get only fresh products while shopping. 

Along with it, one also needs to make sure to carry their bags while going to shop grocery. Also, you need to get those products that come up with less packaging over it. 


5. Shop From Environment-Friendly Brands

Show your support for the planet at large with expressive clothing designed to represent and endow matters close to the heart.

Last, yet an essential thing that you can do to save the environment is by choosing Nature Clothing as your shopping solution. Nature Clothing is an environment-friendly apparel brand that prefers environmental protection over business gains. They has crafted over 34000 nature-friendly merchants, planted and took care of almost 8000+ trees, and compensated 5900000+ carbon emissions.

Nature clothing works on the principle of the clean and green world, and to achieve this goal. We have introduced carbonclick to save the environment. An ordinary green icon that you will witness while checking out will support renewable energy project, and Afforestation to help the world community in developing a sustainable pollution-free society.

Nature clothing provides worldwide shipping of their amazingly crafted products at an amazingly low price. What you need to do is visit the website and add some of the amazing merchandise to your cart without leaving any carbon print. 

In summary, the draft has covered five of the best ways to shop while saving the environment. All of the methods are crucial to protect the environment with shopping through Nature Clothing standing firm. Implement the above four methods by choosing Nature Clothing as your ultimate clothing brand and help the environment to flourish.

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