7 Ways to Honor Earth Day

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We live in a particular eco-system. Here the environment is the most precious thing to be taken care of very cordially. We, the homo sapiens largely dependent on the nature. Our environment is now at stake due to some inhuman work like deforestation, air pollution, killing the animal, etc. Protecting this mother nature is the primary concern of Earth Day. But as we are in danger of excessive global warming, we should observe the day everyday.

In this particular blog, we are now going to represent the “7 ways to honor earth day.” The primary purpose is to educate people on how essential our nature is and how we can save our world from being destroyed.

What Is Earth Day?

The famous Senator Gaylord Nelson introduces "Earth Day" on April 22, 1970. More than 20M people were observed the first ceremony of Earth day. Each Year, The US government sends 100M junk mails to the people of Amercia to concern about its importance. The main motto of this day is to contribute or do a small thing to improve the environment. Your one simple step can make our world's environment better. This day has a great significance, which can't be said in a word. 

Earth Day Is Everyday

What's The Importance Of "Earth Day"?

Earth day is essential in all the aspect. It is also crucial for both individually, nationally, and even internationally. This particular day raises awareness about climate change and global warming to the mass people. You can't ignore the fact that our world's climate is getting changed day by day. As a result, it creates a bad impact on our lovely mother nature. Earth day inspires us to protect the world from all bad things and all the upcoming natural disasters.

Things to Do to Celebrate Earth Day

Everyone can participate in the EARTH DAY from their respective places. They can contribute to turn the environment great again. Though technically every day is an Earth day, we can do 10 small things to celebrate the day:

  • Ride your cycle instead of motorbike or cars
  • Plant a tree
  • Attend the seminars on Earth day
  • Raise voice against pollution
  • Create a save nature-based banner and post it on social media
  • Join the movement on the climate change issue
  • Avoid plastic bags
  • Buy reusable bags
  • Collect plastic bottle and reuse them
  • Buy nature friendly and Earth positive T-shirts


7 Ways to Honor Earth Day-Every Day

The global environment is a hotcake issue nowadays. You can't escape your duty towards mother nature. Because it can't be possible to skip mother nature in your daily life. So here are the eight ways which indicate how to honor Earth day every day in your daily life:


1.Always Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

You have to follow the 3'R rules in your daily life. The ultimate 3-R means – “Recycle, Re-use, and Reduce.” You can save our nature and earth by doing all three tasks every day. You can reduce air pollution by not driving any fuel-based vehicles. Again you can recycle plastic bags and bottles and reuse them to save nature. Is it very hard for you? I don't think so. So do the three "R" from today and save the World. 


2.Save Energy At Home

You can do small things and can save energy by sitting at home. Suppose you are not working in your room if you switch off your lights, fan, and computer to save electricity. You can switch off the gas burner when you don't need to cook. Again by using little water, you can save the water resource. 


3.Plant Trees More 

You can Plant trees on your rooftop. You can also plant trees on your home balcony if you don't have enough space in your backyard. You don't need a occasion for planting trees. Each day is like an Earth day for us. So plant trees where you can get a suitable space. By doing this, you can participate the process of honoring Earth day.


4.Reduce Paper Waste

Paper is an essential thing for our daily life. We read magazines, newspapers which are made out of paper. We must have to reduce the pressure on paper. Cause paper is made from tree roots, and it damages our nature and bio-diversity. So use mail and online medium to reduce the paper works.


5.Promote Green Movement By Wearing  A T-shirt

Many websites like Nature Clothing are provided us the awesome nature-based and Earth festive t-shirts. We can wear those t-shirts to promote the positive vibe on Earth. When you wear those kinds of t-shirts, people will motivate you. Thus you can honor the Earth-Day.

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6.Avoid Polythene Bags

You can avoid poly bags as well as plastic made items. You know how dangerous plastic bags are. It will not mix with the soil and pollute our environment for about 100 years. So It will be better if you don’t take any polythene-based bags and crafts, when you go to the shop. Don't you want to contribute to Earth Day? Then leave plastic today!


7.Leave Your Personal Car Use Cycle & Public Transport

If people ride their own car, then it will increase the traffic jam and add more pollution. For avoiding this occurrence, you can use public transport, cycle, or by foot. It will reduce the total air pollution and increase the level of the fresh oxygen. You can also save your money, fuel, and greenhouse gas emission.



  • Why is Earth day important?

- Earth day is vital for enhancing the awareness of people to make the Earth pollution-free and better.

  • What should I do for Earth Day?

- You should observe the day with passion. It would help if you planted trees, wear natural clothes, use cycle instead of cars, avoid plastic bags, etc.

  • What should the students do for Earth Day?

- They should start a rally on this day. They can make aware the general people about the importance of tree in your life. They should educate their relatives about how natures play a vital role in our world.


Final Words

So If you love to co-operate and contribute to Earth day, then follow those ways. By contributing to those issues, you can help to make the world better and honor Earth day. Plant more trees and go green should be the motto of this important day.

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