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E-commerce has taken the shopping freaks by a storm. Over the last few years, it has become an integral part of the retail network globally. With single-click access to your favorite item, secure payment methods, and convenient delivery policies, this retail sector has observed a continuous increment in the global statistics. In 2019, about 1.92 billion people purchased accessories online. 

With all the busy schedules and traffic population on the roads, people have started opting for digital shopping instead of taking rounds of malls only to find their favorite shirt OUT OF STOCK!

E-commerce does save a lot of time, energy, and effort. But what if you are told that this is not the only cause people are going towards online shopping. Environmental enthusiasts prefer to buy online because it is eco-friendly. Let's see how they came up with this conclusion. 


Online shopping has a lower carbon footprint

Carbon footprints denote the amount of carbon dioxide emitted in a single activity. According to research conducted, the basic concept of online shopping contributes to a lower carbon footprint than brick and mortar shopping. The fuel of a round trip on a car to the shopping mall and back for a single to two items burns off more natural resources than a lorry or a motorbike carrying multiple packages to be delivered in the same area with lesser fuel consumption. The lower the amount of fuel burnt per shopping package, the lesser the greenhouse gases emit (carbon dioxide), and eventually, the more sustainable environment we will have for our future generations!

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All the packaging material matters

On a shopping spree, all you get is a new plastic bag for each item. These all, when combined, are cancerous to the environment. Many plastics polymers render resistant to natural biological or chemical degradation. Their slower degradation process is a critical factor for land and water pollution. 

On the other hand, online packages come in cardboard boxes, bio-degradable strong plastic, and sometimes are even wrapped in paper bags if the item carried is not too sensitive. The materials made of paper may not be sustainable enough but is definitely a better resource when compared with plastics. The best part? It can be recycled. 

Bio-friendly plastic packaging for online shipping is a newly developed trend growing with the days to come. It will add more points for online shopping on the table!


All the necessary lighting in the shop adds up

Ever experienced a shop with no lights? If yes, have you enjoyed shopping there? Definitely NO!!!

Lightings are an integral part of the brick and mortar shopping. They attract customers, make the product look more appealing, and bring more customers. An additional facility for the customers is air-conditioned shops to encourage buyers to shop even on sunny days. 

But do you know? This all contributes negatively to the environment! How? The electricity bills a shop consumes is fueling by the burning of any of the natural resources. Online shopping saves you from that! 

Sitting on a relaxing sofa, surfing an hour for your favorite item saves the energy had the shop completely gone online. 


What if your favorite online store has a mission?

Nature Clothing is an earth positive apparel brand.

With the growing awareness of sustaining the environment, many stores like Nature Clothing, and New Zealand based online retail network, are working to save the motherly planet. How? Nature Clothing has an agreement secured with One Tree planted and CarbonClick. At the checkout, a small donation is made towards carbon offsets. These are used for forest restoration and supporting renewable energy projects. For every purchase, 'Nature Clothing' plants a tree. Sounds interesting? 

This mission not only returns the resources borrowed from the environment but also encourage people who could least do something for the environment. 


Our responsibility for bio-friendly E-Commerce

Here are some suggestions if you are trying to contribute to a more sustainable environment. 

1. Make sure your packages are not returned

With the rise in online shopping, the numbers of returned deliveries are increasing too. In 2019, the Asia Pacific region had return deliveries worth 256.4 billion U.S. dollars. Imagine the global amount of returned deliveries. 

With every return delivery, the extra traveling adds to the carbon footprint. You might be responsible for it because your little negligence costs a single delivery for two to three trips. This is how important it is to ensure the timely receiving of your parcel. With the advancement in telecommunication, nowadays courier services inform the customer with a text message for the delivery to be made. This is a good way to ensure the timely receiving of packages. 

2. Express deliveries are a big, fat NO

Express deliveries are generally preferred with a little bit of added investment. You get your delivery instantly without having to wait for 7 working days. Your little impatience is actually causing damage to the environment. The delivery rider had to deliver your single parcel on a single trip though he could have easily delivered along with the other packages. Express delivery burns off the same amount of fuel for a single package as the fuel consumed by multiple packages in a go. It adds to the carbon footprint. Be a little wiser when ordering will not only help this sustainability cause but also will make you feel like a responsible citizen. 

3. Buy from a vendor with eco-friendly packaging

Packaging material is crucial for the environment. Try buying from a vendor aiming to reduce the packaging material and introducing some bio-friendly packages. Your little contribution will have a larger impact on the sustainability of the environment. 

4. Try to get your slips via email

When you can get your slips digitally, and then avoid asking for a hard copy. It may be trivial but is added trash for the environment. Your little responsibility will offer more to the environment. 


Online shopping is eco-friendly

We’re Taking Action To Protect Our Planet

Go for online shopping for a better cause or shop from an online store like Nature Clothing, aiming to promote the bio-sustainability. Think for the environment and act wisely. Greener the planet will be a safer future will be for the generations to come. 

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