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This Brand Ambassador program is for users who have their own website, blog or social media channels and willing to use them to promote our products. Simply share your unique link or search for a product you enjoy, then promote that product and earns up to 10% of the profit from each sale you make. The sales are tracked via unique links from our website to another. If you already don't have an account, click here to create one. It's completely FREE!

Brand Ambassador plan for you

Top Performing Ambassador Rewards For

1. Every 10 Sales Through Your Affiliate Link Or Coupon Code You'll Receive A Free Product Up To The Value Of $49.99.

2. Every 20 Sales Your Personal Coupon Code Will Be Increased By 5% (MAXIMUM % Is 50%)

3. When You Achieve 30 Sales Through Your Affiliate Link Or Coupon Code You'll Receive Priority Customer support & Logistics.

4. When You Achieve 25 Sales Through Your Affiliate Link Or Coupon Code You'll Receive A 5% Increase To Your Affiliate Commission (MAXIMUM AFFILIATE COMMISSION 45%)

5. When You Achieve 100 Sales Through Your Affiliate Link Or Coupon Code You'll Receive Another 5% Increase To Your Affiliate Commission (MAXIMUM AFFILIATE COMMISSION 45%)

6. When You Achieve 150 Sales Through Your Affiliate Link Or Coupon Code You'll Receive (LIFETIME) Affiliate Commission

Lifetime Commision 30 days
Free Products Percent Of Sale
45 days cookie time.

Personal Coupon Codes 20,00%

Exposure Opportunities You will get a 20% commission on total referral sales when a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link or use your coupon code.

* Your only obligation when joining is to post 1 photo on your social media with your Nature Clothing product tagging @natureclothing. We recommend making a story too!


1. Are there any fees to become an Brand Ambassador?

Totally not! Joining our Brand Ambassador Program is FREE for everyone, and there is no minimum sales requirement either.

2. How do I get my commission?

The system will automatically calculate your commission, which can be settled within 30 days after your request for fund withdrawal(net 30). We will pay to your account at the beginning of each month. Considering the need to reduce the cost of transfers, the minimum payment amount is 100$. If your commission for the month is less than 100$, it will be delayed until the next month. Currently, we support Debit Cart, Google Pay, PayPal, Payoneer and Revolut.

3. How do I sign up?

The Brand Ambassador portal of is, you can sign up by clicking here, you will see the following page:

Sign Up Page

Just sign up with a email or sign up with your Google or Facebook account.

4. Is there any skills that I need to become your Brand Ambassador partner?

No! You can even make commissions by simply promoting our products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Messenger or any other social channels you use. However, if you are an advanced developer, we are happy to help you with any additional questions you may have. Just contact us for more information.

5. How do I create links to Nature Clothing?

After you complete the registration, you will get a unique identification code, which will be displayed on your dashboard, as shown below:

Brand Ambassador Guide Poster 1

The text like "UyBpddk0G4MT" in the red box is your identification code, which can be customized.

Also, any sale that is made using your coupon code will earn you a commission.

You can use marketing tools to create your own product link, just simply paste the website product link in the input box.

Brand Ambassador Guide Poster 2

You can easily copy your exclusive link and share it to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Messenger or any social channels you use.

6. Am I obligated to place a certain number of links on my website?

There are no limits. We encourage you to use as many as necessary to improve click-through and conversion rates. We suggest using our creative banner along with a text link or Nature Clothing logo to improve your results.

7. If someone I refer, places their order 1 month later, will that order still be traced back to me?

Yes, our default referral's cookie expiration period is set up to 45 days.

8. Reasons why my commissions might be voided?

  • You are not allowed to receive a commission from orders which you placed yourself. This is called "self-referral" and that is not the point of the Brand Ambassadors Program!
  • The customer canceled the order. Sometimes the customer pulls out of the order before it is sent out. In RMA(return merchandise authorization) case, we refund all the funds back to the customer and the commission has to be canceled.

For more information, please check Brand Ambassador policy.

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