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All Nature Clothing Products are 100% Organic Cotton or Certified Recycled Polyester

At Nature Clothing we work very closely with our suppliers to source 100% sustainably organic materials, including cotton and recycled fabrics. We guarantee the production of materials used by Nature Clothing in no way harms people, animals, or the environment. We use GOTS-certified 100% Indian organic cotton sourced exclusively, recycled Chinese polyester, as well as Modal® and other sustainable products.

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Nature Clothing Products Have the Very Highest Certification

We have reliable independent bodies and standards to certify every aspect of our supply chain. Each and every certification demonstrates that Nature Clothing is always striving towards building safe and healthy environmental practices, focusing on greater respect for our planet every step of the way. But it does not stop with Nature Clothing; we also encourage our dealers to implement GOTS-Certified printing practices by using sustainable production methods and non-harmful inks. This way we can safely guarantee that our decorated garments are 100% fully sustainable. GOTS means that textile processors and manufacturers can use the one organic certification to safely export their garments and fabrics to all major markets. Consumers can then be assured of choosing truly organic products which have been sourced from green supply chains.

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Every Step of the Process is Closely Monitored

At Nature Clothing we do our utmost the ensure the safety of all our workers; to this end we work with the Fair-Weather Foundation and support all partners who demonstrate a Corporate Social Responsibility approach.

The Global Organic Textile Standard

The Global Organic
Textile Standard

The Global Recycle Standard

The Global
Recycle Standard

In Collaboration With PETA-Approved Vegan company

In Collaboration With PETA-Approved
Vegan company



The Organic Content Standard

The Organic Content Standard

Supported By Members of Fair Wear Foundation

Supported By Members of Fair Wear Foundation

Plant Your Tree Today

As Part of the ‘One Tree Planted’ Project, Nature Clothing is Responsible for Planting Trees Where They’re Most Needed

At the end of 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything, from the way we do business, how we interact with family and friends, and even how we plant trees. Like other businesses we had to change our strategic plans and determine the best ways of servicing our partners and clients. But one thing didn’t change - we still carried on planting trees!

We are currently committed to planting more than 20,000,000 trees this year, and that figure can only increase. To accommodate this growth our team numbers grew substantially. In addition, we increased our accountability and transparency efforts by improving monitoring, measuring, and evaluation of our global planting projects.

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